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type: American Express
number: 3794 086522 17348
cvv: 458
exp: 08/18

Credit Card Generator

A valid credit card number has several fields and each of them has a meaning. For the technically inclined, this number complies to the ISO 7812 numbering standard. An contains a six-digit issuer identification number (IIN), an individual account identification number, and a single digit checksum.

The credit card numbers you generate on this page are completely random. When we say they are valid, we merely imply that they are a possible combination of characters which will validate when passed through the MOD 10 algorithm. You can also generate valid credit card numbers for specific Issuing Networks by utilising their particular prefixes. However, we do not provide you (obviously) with the correspondent verification code for these cards, as they are completely fake and made up randomly.

If you've ever found yourself trying to try a product online which required a credit card, even when you just want to take a look, you know why we made this. We believe there's no need to share such information with providers without the actual intent to buy stuff. Anyone can make a website with a form and require you to insert valuable and sensitive information which requires you to give up your privacy. This is a way to protect yourself in such situations.

The other reason we made this are programmers testing ecommerce websites, applications or other software. They usually need lots of fake data, and this is a very easy way to generate a bunch of valid credit card numbers in a split second. There's another tool for those times when you need to generate all other kinds of data.

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Credit Bureau. First Credit Card, Instant Approval Credit Card, Travel...
Credit Bureau. First Credit Card, Instant Approval Credit Card, Travel...

6. Who contributes credit information to CIBIL? The information is contributed by banks and financial institutions that are members of CIBIL. 7. Are all customers' names reported to CIBIL?9. What are the contents of and how do I read a CIBIL Credit report? CIBIL CIR contains all information such as repayment track, loan type, amount outstanding, loan amount disbursed, etc. in relation to all the credit facilities availed, e.g., home loan, credit card, personal loan, auto loan, overdraft facilities.

Featured Credit Cards
Featured Credit Cards

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What is a Credit Card Number? It
What is a Credit Card Number? It's Far From Random

Credit card numbers are pre-determined so that the credit industry can keep track of how many cards there are in what specific areas. Let’s take a look at the question “what is a credit card number?” Issuer Identifier.This was named after Hans Peter Luhn (1896-1964) who was awarded a patent for this in 1960. Luhn was an IBM scientist. The formula is used to check that the card number is valid and has no errors.